An easy operated expertise computer software which is applicable to various kind of paints.

9.What kinds of coating companies can utilize Concerto Software?


Concerto Software can be used by companies both with or without experience manufacturing paints and coatings. Companies without such experience can also purchase colorants for direct use, and further take advantage of Concerto's consultation, tutorial and other support services to help produce paints and coatings easily. With Concerto's professional help in setting up the software step by step, you can start using the software with ease to produce various paints and coatings smoothly.


10. Can the previously produced stock of colored paints made with specific resins still be used in future production after we start using Concerto Software?


Sure they can! All basic information of ingredients can be inputted into Concerto Software for quick calculation of formulas. The ingredients include a wide range of colored paints directly made of coating resins, basic raw materials, and colorants, etc. By using the software, manufacturers can decide whether or not to continue with production of a certain range of colored paints based on actual demand.


11.How long does it take to get Concerto Software ready for use once it is installed?


As soon as your company provides the basic information that Concerto Software requires, it goes live. This can take a couple of weeks or up to a couple of months depending on the amount of data. Once the software is ready for use, then it is simply a matter of the time spent by engineers to confirm whether the new formula composition meets customer performance requirements during test-runs mixing coating resins and colorants.