An easy operated expertise computer software which is applicable to various kind of paints.

1.We use universal resin to make colorants. Can Concerto Software be utilized to produce colored paints/coatings of Polyurethane, Epoxy, Baking enamel and Nitrocellulose generic type, and others all together?


The generic type coatings, such as Polyurethane, Baking enamel and Nitrocellulose, can be produced with a combination of universal colorants and manufacturing intermediates. Epoxy generic type coatings, however, cannot be made through this operating mode. Nevertheless, tinting by blending universal colorants in small amounts into tint bases for Epoxy generic type colored paints works as well.



To produce Epoxy generic type coatings, the colorants made of Epoxy resin with equivalent weight are required. By mixing the Epoxy type colorants made by this method with a wide range of other various Epoxy generic type resins, any specific Epoxy generic type colored paints/coatings can be manufactured subsequently.

2.We use Epoxy generic type resin to produce colorants. Can Concerto Software also assist to produce colored paints/coatings of Polyurethane or Baking enamel?


Epoxy generic type resin react with polyamide. Polyurethane generic type coatings are cross-linked between R-NCO and R-OH. Baking enamel generic type colored paints are cured by reaction between coating resin and melamin resin under certain temperatures. Therefore because of the different curing methods needed, the Epoxy type colorants, consequently, cannot be made into Polyurethane generic type coatings or Baking enamel generic type colored paints.

Even so, colorants made of Epoxy generic type resin can still be mixed with other different Epoxy generic type coating resins to make colored paints. That is to say, by using the specially-developed Concerto Software, complex calculations can be promptly and correctly performed to produce any specific kind of Epoxy generic type coatings.

3.After freely mixing the tint bases, fully formulated clear paints, clear intermediates, colorants, basic raw materials, and even colored paints, can Concerto Software amend the formula for the paints to meet the customer's physical and overall performance properties, while still keeping the desired color?


Yes, you can get the colors your customers want, as Concerto Software will ensure that the chemical equivalents meet stoichiometric balance and it controls the quantity of all raw materials, always yielding a formula that meets the physical and performance properties of the customer's specifications.

4.When using Concerto Software, is there a possibility that the confidential information of my company might be divulged? Does the software ensure that confidentiality is maintained in a secure environment?


The software designer will not have access to your company’s formulas and compositions of paints and coatings. The software requires you to input basic data of raw material or coatings, such as solid content, EW, EEW, OH value and NCO content and so on. The confidential information of the user company will not be revealed to anyone including Concerto Tech Company. Confidentiality is absolutely assured for the user company’s benefit.


As well, appropriate confidentiality functions have been implemented at different levels within the software operation. That way it not only prevents the information from being falsified or let out, but it also allows for different levels of administrative access and security permission control.

5.I am a chemical engineer focusing on research and development for Polyurethane generic type colored paints. How can Concerto Software help me with further R&D? Moreover, can the software be applied to produce various generic type coatings, such as Epoxy, Baking enamel and Nitrocellulose?


Concerto Tech Company owns a well-established technical support team to help customers with any theory of formula composition for manufacturing of Polyurethane, Epoxy, Baking enamel and Nitrocellulose generic types of products. A chemical engineer can fully utilize such technical support services from Concerto Software to manufacture Polyurethane, Epoxy, Baking enamel and Nitrocellulose generic types of coatings. By this, it enables you to become a comprehensive formulating chemist, instead of being confined to one product line only. As the functions of formula readjustment from Concerto Software are prompt, accurate, and all-inclusive, a formulating chemist is hence endowed with capabilities to develop any specific colored paints/coatings with great efficiency.

6.We use acrylic Polyurethane generic type resin to make acrylic colorants, and further to produce acrylic Polyurethane generic type coatings. With Concerto Software, can we use these acrylic colorants to produce colored paints/coatings of Baking enamel and Epoxy?


In order to produce highly specialized acrylic PU type paints, the acrylic PU colorants ( made with acrylic PU resin ) need to go through test runs in order to be successfully mixed with other types of resins. However, colorants made of acrylic PU resin cannot be made into colored paints / coatings of Baking enamel and Epoxy.



Concerto recommends using colorants made with universal resin. With the immediate and accurate calculation power of Concerto Software, formulas can be amended on the spot and the colorants made with universal resin can be made into a wide range of PU, NC and Baking enamel types of colored paints / coatings.



In the same way, the colorants made of generic Epoxy type resin can also be effortlessly made into any specific Epoxy type coatings using Concerto Software.


7.Can Concerto Software improve and stabilize product qualities?


Firstly the cause of instability in product qualities needs to be identified. Concerto Software cannot help with the occurring issues if they are caused by unstable raw material supply or questionable processing of manufacturing coatings.



However, if product instability comes from miscalculation of formulas or using incorrect amounts of raw materials, Concerto Software can undoubtedly solve the instability issues with its instantaneous and accurate calculation capability.


8.How is it that using Concerto Software can extensively decrease stock and colorants waste?


Typically, manufacturers need to prepare a whole set of colored paints as tint bases in a range of colors with various concentrations and then do tinting for specific kinds of coating. This usually leads to excess stock and unused paints turn into dead wasted inventory as a result.


Concerto users only need to prepare one set of universal colorants and basic raw materials to mix with various coating resins. Hence it greatly lowers the amount of colorant and raw material stock and prevents dead inventory loss as well.